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May 2013 saw the launch of
Martin's new book 'Free on the Inside'.
Copies can be obtained by contacting Martin directly.
See 'Contact Us' for details. The ISBN is: 978-1-62020-111-4


Martin Tuson has written two compilations of testimonies detailing many instances of God's saving and healing power. These are not stories from the past which people nowadays might not relate to, but events taking place right now, and in the most unexpected places. Both books can be obtained through

REFLECTION OF CHRIST - God's Power Inside the Prison Cell.

Reflections of ChristFebruary 2006 saw the publication of the first book "REFLECTION OF CHRIST - God's Power Inside the Prison Cell."
Martin explains the book's motivations and aims:

"Through this book you will come to see the wondrous grace, mercy, love and forgiveness that Christ has for those who are afflicted and needy within the darkness of the prison cell. My prayer is that as you read through the following chapters, you will be encouraged in your faith. For those who do not know Christ as their own Lord and personal Saviour, I pray that you will come to accept Him, and know that He is indeed very real."
"For those of you suffering through sickness, my prayer is that you will be healed and that your faith will rise when you read of God's healing power in these pages."
"...... you will always hear prison spoken of in a bad light. Sadly there are not too many reports on the good things that take place within the prison cell. God is moving as never before amongst inmates ........"

ISBN: 1-4259-0816-0


Power from on highMartin's second book "POWER FROM ON HIGH" appeared towards the end of 2007, and follows the same theme as its predecessor.

In the author's words .....
"Throughout God's precious word there are many verses which speak about letting His deeds and mighty works be made known. This is why I have written this book....."
"Really, many books could be written; what I have shared in this book is such a small portion of all that I have experienced. In everything God alone receives all the praise, glory and honour."
"This book is all about the Lord, not about me ..... I will always make His deeds and mighty works known. As I always tell people, I am just an ordinary guy who serves an extraordinary God. Praise His holy name."

ISBN: 978-1-4343-5317-7