Praise Report from Pakistan

 I have been blessed to know Bro Kashif Hazqial, who originally contacted me through our website. Kashif is our representative in Pakistan.

God is doing amazing things there and I was blessed to share in a workshop via Skype. God loves these people so much. Kashif and his team are dustributing our literature and documentary. The following is a Praise Report. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Kashif Hazqial

Date: Aug 26, 2013 7:00 PM

Subject: Praise Report.

To: "Martin Tuson" <>

Bro Martin, 

Thanks for e-mail.Brother. I was telling you about the girl with blood cancer. You have to also upload her testimony. She is named Maria, aged 23 years - she was admitted to the Hospital of Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan. 

Her cousin told me about her and then I asked Brother Martin for prayer for her. Now her Medical Test Report is negative. She is perfect by the grace of God. 

A boy was feeling much pain in his kidney. After Brother prayed he is fine now. 

On Friday 23rd 2013 workshop (via Skype):


One lady - her name is Suriya - she was suffering from leg pain. After Brother Martin's prayer she is fine by the Grace of the Lord. 

Another lady she was suffering from nose pain for 20 years When Bro Martin prayed for her the pain vanished.

These are Testimonies Brother. 

God Bless you .  

Kashif Hazqial                                 *******  SEPTEMBER REPORT *******

******************* URDU version of 'NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE' (PDF format) *******************




"FREE ON THE INSIDE" goes to a Kenyan prison ......

September 2013 saw the delivery of copies of "Free On The Inside" to prisoners in Kenya. Some pictures below :