Testimony from Bro Joshua, California State Prison

  I have been a sinner and unbeliever all of my life.  I have always been busy promoting my gang.  Doing drugs, selling drugs.  Always drinking and carrying guns and knives, fighting and rioting; in my life I have been hit by a car, had my head busted open by  another gang. Been stabbed three times again by rival gangs. Had many beatings causing my head to swell.  I only cared about me and making a name for myself.

  This is my third stay in prison, my first being 2006. I did a year, I was only out for 6 months when I ended up back in prison again.  Served another year, then only a short period of time after being released I was arrested yet again for a major case.   I received a 15 year sentence. When I was first arrested I did not care about anyone.   I looked at my life, at this stage my wife got me a good attorney.

  This is how I managed to receive just 15 years because I was looking at a life sentence. You think I would have had some belief at this point with having a shorter sentence than I deserved.   I started to come around, reading about God, then BOOM my wife gets hit by a drunken driver.   In the car was my 8 month old son.  He was killed, I went beserk and threw my Bible away.  I went into a pit of despair, I found myself lost and in need of help. All I could do was get on my knees and cried out to God.  I asked for forgiveness and for Christ to come into my heart and soul. I surrendered my life to Christ, from that day I have been able to go through life in a peaceful and humble way. I started to tell the truth and started to forgive people. I studied Gods word. I confessed to my wife my one act of adultery, she forgave me. Even though I had a son to this other lady.  

 Later my wife got drunk and was raped.   At first I was upset because I thought she had cheated on me.  I forgave my wife because my heart was changed by God. Then we found out she was pregnant through being raped.  More emotions went through my head, when she told me I went back to my cell.  I was thinking about abortion but then I got this strange feeling in my heart.  It's hard to explain, the thought of abortion troubled me.  I immediately wrote my wife a letter telling her to keep the child.  Now we have a beautiful daughter who was born on thanksgiving day.  The person who raped my wife ended up in prison.  My wife is closer to me than ever, we have been married 3 years now.

  My  family have supported me also.  I have all I need because God has Blessed me and made me a true believer. The Lord Jesus Christ has truly been there for me and I want to teach and help others find Christ. I want to help teenagers get out of gangs and drugs.  Do non profit work with others when I am released. Thank you Martin for listening to me and responding.  Doing time in prison is not easy, especially as a Christian.  We are hated by the world but loved by God, may God Bless you Brother as you reach out to lost souls to be saved. 


Bro Joshua M Heckathorn

California State Prison

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