Rehab In Jesus - By Geraldine

 Good morning,

 This is a beautiful sunny St Patricks day in Ireland- it doesn’t get more unusual  than that, March is rainy here but then so is April, May, June, July and August. When our tourists come to visit the emerald isle a raincoat and umbrella are an essential but so is a sense of humour and dead taste buds also help if you’re going to sample our Guinness very high in iron content but low in sugar [an acquired taste]. Guinness and whisky were the only two alcoholic beverages I refused to drink, everything else I could consume in buckets full of.

We have a culture here were is not only socially acceptable to get drunk often, it is expected that you drink, sing, dance, drink, sing, dance, drink, sing, dance then go home be sick and feel very bad for two days. Having learned this lesson we do it all again two days later, the Irish have a very high I.Q. level [unlike what some people say about us scholars] but we operate undercover a lot. Now here is a little asked question why? What is the root cause or what we do or why we do it? Very few ask but there are always reasons of the past background of a person which explain behaviour I am not a psychologist and to be honest having met some I would have no desire to become one [I am sure there are some good ones in case you are one]. Once you progress past drinking on social occasions and it has now become a tool to dull pain or give you confidence sipping  the sweet smelling deep burgundy wine or pint of honey coloured beer to quench what has been left behind from the last drink. Real seasoned drinkers call it the cure – “I need the cure”, at 8.00 in the morning? You see it’s not a cure it’s just now turned into part of the problem another cause to further fry the brain cells and scramble up a mind that was already dysfunctional and messy. Maybe it’s not required at 8.00 in the morning, maybe you keep it under wraps until 4.00 in the afternoon which doesn’t look so unacceptable when you prepare dinner and have a little drink or two or ten.

People who don’t have an addiction find it very hard to understand why drinkers drink or druggies do drugs; I have never been a member of A.A. so I can only speak from my own personal experience in explaining this. On every occasion I drank there was a particular point when Pierre Smirnoff (some boy that) hit the spot it was like an anaesthetic to soothe a broken empty heart but this is only a short temporary state in the evening. Drink or drugs are a false cure after the anaesthetic wears off look what comes next – despair, anger, deep sadness, even suicidal thoughts, and great shame, even what we in Ireland  call “the horrors” “the delirium tremors”. Read this list again, it doesn’t read so well does it – so being Irish we get up and do it all again. The scholar has still to be released in us! You see Paddy Irish Man sees a banana skin on the foot path and stands on it, falls, splits his heaD and goes for stitches at A+E. Next week he sees another banana skin and moans “oh no not again!” and he heads straight for the banana skin.

You see in each of us there is a big space, it has been there since we have been conceived in this space there is lots of room for love, joy, peace, acceptance, encouragement, love, unconditional love, agape love, big love, enduring love, a love which will not be removed from us, love, joy, and peace. However our glass or cup has been filled usually not by ourselves but by others from the time even before we are born. This cup has rejection poured in, anger, injustice, hatred, unforgiveness, more rejection, a broken heart or two, love which will be removed if we do conform, control, anxiety, depression, more rejection , despair and just to top up lets add a generous dollop of shame.   Ahh Geraldine you say I’m not that bad, sure I know that it’s only what’s been added onto you that’s not so good.

Shrek the Ogre says he is like an onion and is made of many layers today I thought of us cowboys like a wall covered with wallpaper, which some decorator was going to strip to the plaster, so he starts, the first layer was put on in the ‘90s it comes off quite easily, but there is another ugly paper layer from the ‘80s, off it comes too it was a little bit more difficult – he’s getting a little tired of this now so now we see crazy ‘70s print he steams and soaks it off, next is the ‘60s they liked bright gawdy colours, this has been here for almost fifty years but eventually it comes off. The decorator is really surprised now because instead of a plaster wall he has come to a handcrafted, master crafted work of a genius each piece of wood on this wall has been hand carved and pieced together but it has been painted gold, as he places his hand on the wall he knows he is wrong as he touches cold metal, the room is priceless, unheard of, these walls are pure, treasured, precious gold. The work of a master craftsman, I know this master craftsman, he is my God. He strips the ugly layers off us with our permission – is it easy? – No it isn’t – is it worth it? Yes! Yes! He cleaned the cup of my heart, took out unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, people pleasing, alcohol abuse, depression and over competivetness, now it’s safe to go to the leisure centre with me.

He cleaned it and then he filled it, Pierre Smirnoff  doesn’t need to anymore because I, like the women at the well, have met the only person who could heal me, love me, quench my thirst. He is the lover of my soul, He is my Saviour my Redeemer, my Healer, my returning King, and I worship Him in spirit and in truth. Shame made her come to the well when no one else would be there, but someone had an appointment with her .I have an appointment with Jesus every day, many days it’s all day, it’s fun, it’s good, it’s like being a love struck teenager (remember that) but better, much much better.

Do you want to be healed and set free as I have been? Doesn’t take a genius! From your heart, if you say God I am a mess, I need a hand, I need you. Jesus ,you have been waiting for me to ask you into my heart, come as you are Redeemer, Saviour, Healer into my heart just as I am – messy, broken, still a sinner and help me Lord.

For some there will be a sudden change but for most like me, Jesus will walk you out of all the circumstances you went into. Gently the Father, the Son, and the Spirit will lift off the layers of wounds, hardness, messes, and the free man or woman will be revealed and released, shiny, precious, gold when once you were looked on with shame, God will give you honour, were once you were in a prison, you will be released were once deep in your heart you have despaired, now you will have joy, once you mourned now you shall dance and be given beauty for ashes. Your broken heart shall be bound up and made whole.

It’s really like trading places, you get everything that belongs to the son Jesus, you’re now adopted into The Family, and He got all your junk, horrible stuff – sin, sickness, addiction, shame, despair, depression, poverty, even murder, heart break and abuse. This list goes on and on. He took it on the cross, so it was paid for in blood, the blood of the Son of God. What a price! Shed in the garden, at the whipping post, when thorns were thrust on his head, as he made the journey to Calvary carrying the cross, and as the nails were hammered to his hands and feet to fix him to the wooden cross and when the spear was thrust into his side. The nails didn’t hold Him there, you know, because He could have came down anytime, the angels waited to come to Him but He didn’t ask them to, then Jesus heart was broken because of His father could not be where the sin of the world was. Love held him there, love for me, love for you, love for the world of sinners who many of , still reject Him. Don’t reject your only hope for healing, joy, love, peace, and eternal life.

Love Geraldine.