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Please note:
Christians, like everyone else, have differing views on things that are not central to Eternal Salvation, and so the list below represents a range of ideas and material, some of which S.F.P.Ministries may not entirely agree with. Having said that, there are many roads that people travel before they meet Jesus, Who is the only way to God. With that in mind, anyone truly seeking God WILL find Him, as Jesus promised, and the following may provide answers for you.

    1. God, help me please...
    2. John Wilson: "I've been there ..."
    3. _Find the Answer_
    4. 'I was a Jehovah's Witness for 23 years ...'
    5. The false and contradictory teaching of the JWs
    6. - full of interesting stuff!_
    7. The dark secret of modern Bible versions
    8. The writings of G.W.North (1913-2003).