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The Only Way - Poems by Martin Tuson

 Salvation, by Georgina Dixon


The look of loss, loneliness and despair

When you need someone to really care;

To take away the pain, so hard to bear;

Come to Jesus, to Him your burdens share.


Come to Him with sins untold.

Forgiveness is there to behold;

The sins He bore for you and me

On the Cross at Calvary.


No matter how big the sin,

He is thereI to let you in.

Oh, how He longs to touch your heart

To give you a fresh start.


It is a free gift by His mercy and grace;

What a joy to express and a future to face.

His promises and unconditional love

So you can always look to Him above.


Ask Him into your life today

Because there is no other way.

He says, "come, come, come to me"

To have assurance of eternity.



I want to share a recent mircale with you which took place whilst I was ministering in Durham and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  I saw many people healed over the two days I was there .  The following testimony was sent to me, written in the form of a poem.

Isabelle writes:


One Sunday afternoon I went to see a man named Martin Tuson.

From Northern Ireland he came to spread God's Word.

To Eunice's house we rallied about, to see this man who spoke the Word of God.

For healing I came for my back was in pain.

With healing hands laid on my spine, he sent prayers and praises to God.

With the heat of his hand, my spine grew warm, as he prayed over me for the healing from God.

It worked in me when the praying stopped, I stood there shaking I could not stop.

After 13 years of pain, I could bend down again, I touched my toes, I touched the floor.

And I can do a whole lot more, so I dance and sing for joy.

For the works that God can do.  He is so majestic, wonderful, an awesome God to know.

I walk with him every day, singing His praises on the way.

So Martin Tuson with the healing from God, a healer for the people through the Word of our God.

Always walk in God's footsteps, and He will always be there, His Love raining down over us.

So just take care to say a prayer, and thank the Lord for what You give us every day.


(Testimony from Sister Isabelle, June 19th, 2007)