Revelation TV Interview



I was blessed to be invited on to Revelation TV in November, 2005. The first programme was R Mornings. In this programme I got to share about the Ministry and how it all started for me. Along with me I had a friend and Brother in Christ, Hugh Wilson. Hugh came along to share a powerful testimony of healing which took place when I prayed for him. His right shoulder had collapsed, there was bone damage and muscle damage, he had 30% movement and was told by the hospital that he would at best have 60 to 80% movement. There was also a lump on his shoulder.
While I was praying for him, I placed my hand on his shoulder where the lump was. Half way through the prayer the lump vanished from under my hand. At that moment both bone and muscle re-aligned and attached. He was healed instantly and when he went back to the hospital, he was x-rayed, which showed his shoulder was 100% normal. This is now a case study in the hospital - what a powerful testimony. I will never forget that day.

The second programme I appeared on was World In Focus, where Howard Condor interviewed me and spoke about the book that I had written (See the details on this website). It was an amazing time. A few hours before we went on air, I was at the home of a Brother in the Lord. He had a lady on the phone called Mia, who had suffered for many years with arthritis and was in pain all of the time. I was handed the phone and I prayed for Mia. She described a warm sensation go through her body. Instantly the pain left her and she was praising God for her healing. Her daughter Cathy was also in the house. She suffered with fibromialgia, so I prayed for Cathy also. The Lord touched and healed Cathy also.
Whilst on the programme some hours later, Mia phoned in to the live broadcast and testified about her own and her daughter's healing. Praise God for the move of His Spirit that night.
Both of these programmes can be seen on DVD or heard on audio CD. You can get your copies by contacting me at my e-mail or postal address. We will gladly send you them free of charge.